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3 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Facebook Page Engagement

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Remember the days when having a Facebook Page was a surefire way to gain new customers and increase your social media reach for FREE? We do too, but alas those days are now past. Facebook is now a pay to play platform – that much won’t change, however we don’t think that should stop you from using Facebook, rather we think you should spend more time and effort on improving your Facebook Page engagement. Here’s why:

Facebook is the biggest social network bar none as of Nov 2015 with over a billion and a half monthly active users. Just stop to think about for a moment. 1.5 Billion people using one platform! It has never been this easy to speak directly to your perfect customers – either by age, gender, location or interests. When was there ever a time where you could target your perfect customers with so much detail?

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Facebook Page EngagementThat said however, having a Facebook Page has also never been as difficult as it is now to reach your target audience without paying to boost your posts. This is the reality of where we are right now but it does not have to cost you a fortune or take up too much of your time if you follow these 3 easy steps to improve your page engagement:

1. Know Who You Audience is

Do you know who your current audience is? Oftentimes in the early days of social media many business owners and marketers were caught out by unscrupulous offerings to quickly grow your following by buying thousands of new likes. The problem with that was the new likes did not care much for your brand (if they were even real users) and as a result your engagement of your Page went down very quickly.

Aside from the fact you can brag about having a large following at your dinner parties, the fact remains that if your fans aren’t engaging with your brand on a regular basis you may be better off with a smaller audience that are in fact the people you want to be engaging with.  Without the right audience on our page your engagement will never be where it could be no matter how many times you post content or update your page (even if you consider yourself hilarious).

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2. Check Your Content -Is it Engaging?

Facebook Page EngagementA great way to quickly improve your Facebook page’s engagement rate is by checking what type of posts you are putting out there. Is the majority of your posts statements or questions? Is there a specific action or reaction you want out of your audience? If you’ve only been posting statements you may find that your fans have no incentive to engage with you.

As much as you would like to tell your fans about your day/recent work/behind the scenes pictures – without a clear call to action they will not engage with your brand.

Ways you can start off is by asking them for advice, ideas, requests such as please share or like to win, or even general questions such as “Which one? Coffee or Tea?” You’ll be surprised how many will respond to those requests.

A good question to ask yourself before you post would be, “would I comment or engage with this?” If the answer is yes go wild, post it and then consider boosting the post. If the answer is no consider re-wording the post or don’t post it at all.

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3. Don’t be shy to boost your Posts

Facebook Page EngagementAs I said earlier Facebook is no longer a free marketing tool, it is now a  pay to play tool and it is something we all need to accept and look to use in our favor rather than fight against it. But remember boosting posts does not guarantee your Facebook page engagement will improve, it only increases the reach (the number of people who see your update).

So why would you boost your posts? With absolute certainty it will:

  • Save You Money – You can now target the people who are most likely wanting to hear from you which saves you from advertising too broadly. Bonus!
  • You Won’t Become a Spammer – Don’t think you are right now? Have you ever called, emailed or smsed a lead without their consent? If so then you’re a spammer. With targeted ads your perfect customer will be far more open to hearing from you. 
  • Improve your customer awareness –  By targeting your ads based on age, location, gender and interests you are forced into becoming more aware of who your target audience is.

Remember the good news is that you don’t have to spend that much, at times you can spend as little as R50 ($5) to get thousands of people to see your update. And remember spending on Facebook Ads is a far more favorable way to spend your marketing budget than other “traditional” methods such as cold calling, advertising in a magazine or newspaper, getting a billboard put up or even an advert in the yellow pages.

The video below sums up the above points courtesy of Dave Kerpen the CEO of Likeable Local who was interviewed by Infusionsoft recently.

Conclusion on Improving your Facebook Page Engagement:

The days of free Facebook Page results are gone, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Rather focus your marketing spend on targeted Facebook Ads and boosting your posts rather than relying on outdated traditional methods. By doing this you will improve your reach to the right audience which will improve your engagement.

But before you begin make sure your current audience is the right one for your brand and make sure that the posts you are currently posting and sharing are not statements but rather questions or have definitive call to actions.

And remember to become a great social brand be useful and awesome, be consistent, and really listen to your audience and give them what they want. Good luck!

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