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How to use your story to improve your sales

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Ever felt intimidated by sales? Don’t worry it’s totally OK to admit it as most small business owners feel the same way you do. Sales in reality is not “only for those with the gift of the gab”, it’s actually extremely simple to improve your sales if you master the art of storytelling. 

But hang on just for a moment, isn’t storytelling for bedtime and not for serious business? Isn’t sales supposed to be about the elevator pitch and a certain amount of charisma (not the sleazy kind right) to get your services or product across to a prospect?

The answer is surprisingly a big no. An elevator pitch is usually an unsuccessful attempt to cram into sixty seconds every relevant fact about your company and the products you sell. The problem is that elevator pitches are not designed to help your prospect understand who you are and what your business can do for them. ( realises this too)

Improve Your Sales

Sales is not about being sleazy nor is it about your pitch, it’s about YOUR STORY

When someone asks “What do you do?” what they are asking is “What can you do for me?”

Have you ever considered for a moment what happens when a prospect asks “What do you do?” and you, or your sales team, jump right into that famous elevator pitch of yours? If not, consider it from a prospects point of view, they want to know what you can do for them but when you deliver your elevator pitch all you’re doing is delivering information that isn’t of any value to them.

Rather than using that same old pitch consider for a moment the option of telling a story, but not any story, your business’s story. Often referred to as your “why“, your story helps you become authentic for your prospect and make you and your sales team stand out from all the others simply because your story is your own and it’s real.

Improve Your SalesHumans are born storytellers, that we know. Storytelling gives life or meaning to a situation, evoking your audience’s feelings and captivating them.

As a business owner or as a sales rep sharing your why, together with your successes and mistakes, will go a long way to shape your relationship with your prospects and customers.

Improve Your SalesI’m a small business owner with a sales team now what?

Thanks to another awesome video put together by Infusionsoft, Ishita Gupta, a speaker and coach, will show you how and why you need to use your business’s unique story as a tool to improve your sales. As Ishita emphasises sales is simply a numbers game – the more people you or your sales rep talk to, the more you tell your story, the more your story becomes part of your lead qualifying process.

The breakdown of what you’ll takeaway is:

  • Sales is not about being everyone’s solution all the time
  • Why learning your unique story helps you sell
  • Use your business’s unique story to train your sales staff
  • Knowing your story helps overcome fears of rejection or failure
  • Sales is a numbers game – get out there and tell your story


Sales is not only for those fast talkers with a ‘gift for the gab’, rather sales is about being authentic and telling your story to as many people who will listen. The sooner you start using your why instead of your elevator pitch you’ll immediately become authentic and be able to have a conversation with those decision makers who are more interested in working with people they know and trust than businesses who only pitch to them.

If you’ve got a sales team work hard at getting your why across to them so that they embody the story as well and make it their own. This will have the effect of creating even more authenticity because they truly believe what they’re saying.

Find your why and tell the world, don’t worry about the fear of failure that will be overcome the more you tell your story. Get out there and see a change in your fortunes!

Have you used storytelling when talking to your prospects? What is your why, and what would you recommend to others wanting to do the same thing?

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**Video was first seen on Infusionsoft Blog