Kneading Fitness

Kneading Fitness

In May 2016, a new Sporting Massage and Swimming Coaching Company called Kneading Fitness, approached us to build a new website to launch the company online and to help them find new business through advertising and by ranking on Google. THE SOLUTION: To help Kneading Fitness reach their goals, we looked at the local competitors and devised a basic starter website we believed would be …

Ezy Bike

Ezy Bike

In February 2016, a new Electric Bicycle company called Ezy Bike, approached us to build a website to help them sell their stock to interested buyers. THE SOLUTION: To help Ezy Bike reach their goals, we looked at local and international competitors and devised a website we believed would help them rank on Google and aid in selling their bikes. Ezy Bike, being a new …

4Di Privaca Growth Driven Design Website

4Di Privaca

In July 2015, Information Security Specialists, 4Di Privaca approached us to build a website with the purpose of reinvigorating its online presence. THE SOLUTION: To help Drew reach his goals, we established a firm understanding of the company as well as the Group at large. Armed with our knowledge of the Group and of 4Di Privaca, we developed a fresh, clean and slick website that met the …

4Di Capital

In April 2015, Venture Capital Firm 4Di Capital approached us to build a website with the purpose of reinvigorating its online presence. Although 4Di Capital does not require marketing (they do not actively need it), the need for a new website was of the utmost importance. The Situation: Anton van Vlaanden, the CEO of 4Di Group, felt the need to rebrand the various 4Di …

Surething SA Growth Driven Design

Surething SA

Surething SA struggled to capture leads through it’s old website and then at the same time nurture the interested leads into customers. See how we helped them increase their conversion rate almost immediately upon launch of the new website and CRM.

Star Car Rental Growth Driven Design Website

Star Car Rental

Star Car Rental, a local car rental company in Cape Town, came to us in September 2015 for a new website after their existing website was built in 1998. The original website had not been altered or updated since the original launch, so one can imagine the ineffectiveness of the old site by 2015! The Problem: Star Car Rental was founded …