Growth Driven Design generates more traffic and leads for your business without high once-off costs

Your website is your best salesperson. It needs constant updates and improvement to work as it should in driving more traffic and great leads. Yet after launch, many websites sit without updates, or new content for 1.5 to 2 years. Don't let it sit. Think Growth Driven Design.

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Your Website Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Weapon

Growth Driven Design South Africa

It’s the very heart of all your marketing activities. It’s the first place customers go when they’re searching for more information on your products or services. It’s also the very place where we drive most of our marketing efforts!

Your website is your hardest working employee. It doesn’t have an “8-5” and it continues work long after you’ve clocked off for the day. If it’s done right, your website is also your best salesperson.

It’s been said that a prospect has already moved through 70% of the sales process before even reaching out to your sales team.

Where are they finding the information before talking to anyone credible? Your website. Microsoft claims that the average person spends 10 seconds on a homepage before moving on.

Is yours strong enough to grab more attention and eventually a sale?

Growth Driven Design South Africa
Growth Driven Design South Africa

As critically important as websites are, the way that we approach building and improving our websites in South Africa is, as well as many other countries around the world, fundamentally broken.

Development companies are so quick to complete sites that once they’ve gone live, they’re never updated until it’s time for a rebrand years later. We disagree with this entirely.

For Inversion Marketing, it’s all about evolving, updating and engaging. We keep content fresh so that sites are updated regularly and optimized for the market.

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"Anybody can build a website with a sleek design, beautiful imagery and bells and whistles. Crafting a website design that generates leads and closes sales is just that, a craft."

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Risks of Traditional Web Design

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Large Up-Front Cost:

The average small to medium-sized business website typically costs anywhere between R25 000 - R250 000. This is a pretty steep cost for a start up or any small to medium businesses.

It's difficult to budget for the whole amount all at once, but it's also risky when you don't know as yet how effective the website itself will be.

At Inversion Marketing, we think it's best to keep it short and sweet and add a little more on as you go.

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Large Time & Resource Commitment:

In addition to the up-front expense, the average website takes around three months to complete. It also requires a lot of energy and resources from your team.

This is hard to do when time and resources within small to medium business are scarce. Having to put this much into a website with no guaranteed results is enough to make any boss get a bit uneasy.

That's where we come in, we use our Growth Driven Website Design and  optimization to make sure you get the results you deserve.

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Not on budget, not on time and definitely not flexible:

We've heard it all too often. The budget and deadline is approved but there are just too many variables. People, processes and project size make it tough to accurately quote the cost and determine a realistic completion date.

Delayed deadlines and over budget costs are common risks when traditional website design is concerned. This not only stalls the results of your site, it also reflects poorly on you in the eyes of your boss and other big guns...

Inversion Marketing is here to change that.

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Subjective designs and no guarantee on improved performance:

At the end of the day, you are being held accountable by your boss for a measurable increase in results from your website redesign.

So the question is: after all of the time, money and resources you've put into the redesign, how do you (or the agency you've hired) know that the final product for launch is the best possible performing website?

The answer: You can't, it's impossible...

The New Growth Driven Design Process

The more intelligent and effective cousin of traditional web design

These days, it pays to take a step back and approach web design from a different angle. Growth Driven Design has been identified as a superior process that avoids all of the risks posed by traditional web design. It also produces a peak performing website through a design process that is quick, agile and yields better results and ROI.

In other words, much like Inbound Marketing, Growth Driven Design forces businesses to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about their customers.

Growth Driven Design vs Traditional Web Design

Growth Driven Design South Africa

Don't look at your website as a big project to tackle every three years. Break it up into smaller chunks and work on it every 30 days - without an end date in sight. You heard right. You should be working on making enhancements, adding new pages and improving the visitor experience on your website every single month. Think progress, not perfection. This way, your website can grow and evolve as your business does.

The Growth Driven Design Process: Launchpad

Step 1


Growth Driven Design South Africa

We focus on your performance goals that you are trying to achieve with your website. We then create detailed persona profiles to fully understand the customers who will be visiting your website. This way, we can deliver a great experience for them.

Step 2.


Growth Driven Design South Africa

We then dig into the data, performing an audit of how the existing website is performing, reviewing what's working, and what's not. We'll look at where potential customers are dropping off and start identifying opportunities for improvement and rectification.

Step 3.


Growth Driven Design South Africa

We use what we learned in step 2 (we told you we like to learn!) and we then start forming some fundamental assumptions about your customers. These will help to explain their behaviour and motivations. This then becomes integral in both the global and page strategies.

Step 4.

Strat Smart

Growth Driven Design South Africa

So what's your next move going to be? We'll develop both a global strategy for the website as a whole and a specific page-by-page strategy for each major page on your site. Both strategies will cover exactly how to best engage and influence customers to attain your goals.

Growth Driven Design South Africa

After the launch: The Continuous Growth Driven Design Cycle

With Growth Driven Design, the process of updating your website is never really over and that's a good thing!

Because this cycle starts with and revolves around the customers visiting your website, we must question ourselves at every stage as to how it adds value to those who visit it.

If it ever becomes unclear how an action item provides value to, or relates to your customers, we will take a step back and re-evaluate what we're working on.

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