About Inversion

We have a point to prove

An agency’s services traditionally dictate the solutions they provide.

But that’s not how we view the world. 

Our services are dictated by the solutions.

Hence the name Inversion. 

We’re inverting the bloated agency model to deliver big capabilities in a far more nimble, client-centred manner. 

Fewer meetings, more alignment.

Less grey area, more black & white.

Less wishful thinking, more practicality.

Less dictating, more empathising.

Fewer monologues, more dialogues.

Less tradition, more inversion.

Less talk, more action.

We’re a brand intelligence agency that refines, redefines, sculpts, advises, solves and strategises for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

We’re fiercely confident in the way we do things and aren’t afraid of the difficult truths. 

Welcome to Inversion. It’s great to meet you.

Our Story 2015 -

Early Growth And Funding

Inversion started out as a one-man band in 2015, by Ross.

The founding focus of Ross was to help clients build their businesses through trustworthy, honest, and up-to-date digital marketing that achieved business results. The initial client targets were small businesses willing to back a fledgling agency. 

The team eventually grew their client list to the point where they managed to rent out a desk in the same building as a leading VC firm whereby one of the partners, Anton van Vlaanderen, personally invested to become a partner in the business. Anton’s experience and mentorship spurred the growth of Inversion.

As passionate participants in sporting and teaching organisations, Ross saw an opportunity to raise funds for these non-profit organisations through the sale of branded clothing via an eCommerce platform direct to their communities, without the risk of holding stock. The model is a common one in the USA and the opportunity was there to bring the model to South Africa.

This led to the founding of Fanport in 2016, and the introduction of a new partner, Darin Owen, who is one of the lead producers of clothing in South Africa. 

Although the growth of Fanport was profound after a pivot to supplying corporate goods, the effort and logistics required to run a physical goods business as well as a fast-growing digital marketing agency became too much to handle for the team. Fanport closed in 2019 to allow a full focus on running Inversion.

Renewed Focus and Rebranding

The experience of building the Fanport brand over 3 years, as well as working with a number of smaller agency clients, gave the Inversion team vast experience and lessons in what marketing practices worked best for driving actual business growth. 

As a result, the agency moved from only offering lead generation tactics and website design to positioning itself as an integrated creative and strategic marketing agency servicing larger multinational corporates, medium-sized clients, and startups in five countries.

This shift required a new sleek and creative look and a clear service offering that focuses on generating demand for brands measured in revenue not impressions. 

To significantly separate ourselves from ineffective agencies, we developed our unique demand formula: BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL to clearly show how we actually achieve results for our ambitious clients.

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