The Inversion Story

We Listen, Talk, And Learn

At Inversion, we believe that generating demand is a better way to do digital marketing. We take a customer-centred approach that seeks to build brands that eventually market themselves. We’re extremely passionate about it, and our entire business is built around helping people achieve it.

We focus on creating phenomenal customer content experiences on all major touchpoints. It’s an area that requires longer-term planning, but often loses out to short-term tactics that promise the world, yet rarely deliver.

We see this as an opportunity, however, for those people that are bold enough to invest in great marketing instead. We’re excited to generate demand for our clients through our honest, trustworthy marketing tactics and strategies.

Early Growth And Funding

Inversion started out as a two-man band in 2015, by Ross and Matthew, over a lot of late night conversations, and a few hundreds of pots of green tea held in the boardroom (lounge) of Ross’s studio flat.

The founding focus of Matt and Ross was to help clients build their businesses through trustworthy, honest, and up-to-date digital marketing that achieved business results. The initial client targets were small businesses willing to back a fledgling agency. 

The team eventually grew their client list to the point where they managed to rent out a desk in the same building as a leading VC firm whereby one of the partners, Anton van Vlaanderen, personally invested to become a partner in the business. Anton’s experience and mentorship spurred the growth of Inversion.

As passionate participants in sporting and teaching organisations, Ross and Matt saw an opportunity to raise funds for these non-profit organisations through the sale of branded clothing via an eCommerce platform direct to their communities, without the risk of holding stock. The model is a common one in the USA and the opportunity was there to bring the model to South Africa.

This led to the founding of Fanport in 2016, and the introduction of a new partner, Darin Owen, who is one of the lead producers of clothing in South Africa. 

Although the growth of Fanport was profound after a pivot to supplying corporate goods, the effort and logistics required to run a physical goods business as well as a digital agency became too much to handle for the fledgling team. Fanport closed in 2019 to allow a full focus on running Inversion.

Renewed Focus and Rebranding

The experience of building the Fanport brand over 3 years, as well as working with a number of smaller agency clients, gave the Inversion team vast experience and lessons in what digital marketing tactics worked best in driving actual business growth. 

As a result, the agency moved from only offering lead generation tactics to positioning itself as a creative and strategic demand generation agency servicing larger multinational corporates, medium sized clients, and startups in five countries.

This shift required a new sleek and creative look and a clear service offering that focuses on generating demand for brands measured in revenue not impressions. 

To significantly separate ourselves from ineffective agencies, we developed our unique demand formula: BP + (CX + C) x CS = D to clearly show how we actually achieve results for our ambitious clients.

Our Bold Future

We have partnered with leaders in industries such as influencer marketing and performance advertising in the UK. These partnerships are the start of our planned expansion into Europe by 2022.

As our team and client list grows, we are firmly focussed on becoming one of the leading results-driven marketing agencies in both South Africa and the UK by 2025.

What Does Inversion Mean To Us?


noun [ C or U ]

a situation in which something is changed so that it is the opposite of what it was before, or in which something is turned upside down"

We chose the name Inversion because we wanted to think differently. We wanted to measure ourselves on our ability to turn our clients’ growth problems into successful business case studies.

This has not been easy, and our model is ever-changing due to the nature of digital disruption, the evolution of marketing, dealing with pandemics and economic fluctuations, as well as our own lessons managing a large array of clients. 

Although change is a constant, our core philosophies of thinking differently, being bold, encouraging creativity, and offering authentic customer-centred marketing have remained firm since our founding. 

We believe in our purpose and we welcome you to join us in building demand for your brand together.

Our Team


Ross Munro Williams

Director Of Marketing

Matthew Rockhill

Data Strategist

Richard Rodgers

Brand Strategy

Amy Galbraith


Philasande Biyongo

Social Media

Ashleigh Redman

Project Coordinator

Loes van den Brule

Website Design

Kyle Williams




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