Revenue Growth

Inversion’s Digital Marketing Strategy Drives Demand For Your Brand

What is the recipe for business success? A clear, well defined strategy.

But as simple as this sounds, we find numerous businesses acting on impulse, gut feeling or following someone else's plan. To truly succeed as the brand of choice in your industry, you need to zig when others zag. 

You need to be unique and most importantly, be seen as the ideal choice by your ideal customers. Achieving this is not impossible, but you do need an experienced digital marketing strategy team on your side. 

Our strategic process focuses on connecting you with more of your ideal customers by leveraging empathy, insight, and brand purpose. After all, if you don’t understand your audience and how they make purchasing decisions, why would they choose you over your competitors if you look, sound and behave the same?

With Inversion, we dive deep into the heart of your business to find out what makes you (and your audience) special. And we use this data to align your sales and marketing efforts to generate true demand for your brand. 

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B2B Strategy

B2B businesses are different to consumer-facing businesses. Inversion understands this. We will develop a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business needs and the audience you want to reach. All creative and marketing elements will match your brand messaging, vision, and mission.

B2C Strategy

When it comes to B2C marketing, not having a strategy in place can be disastrous. Inversion will work with you to uncover what your audience is looking for from your brand, how they find products and services, and what this means for your business. We provide customer-focused strategies that help to generate demand and encourage engagement.

eCommerce Strategy

Digital marketing for eCommerce needs a different approach in today’s online-first world. To drive revenue growth, we look at how you can improve your eCommerce website, marketing, and management and provide a strategy that touches on every point of the customer journey, from the very first contact with your brand to the ongoing engagements keeping them as customers for the long term.


A modern business that wants to transform into a brand and harness the power that comes with this needs to have a revenue growth strategy. Old tactics do not work. Brands have lost touch with their audience...but we are here to change that.

You need to adapt and tell a story that resonates with your audience, because your brand is so much more than what you sell. At Inversion Agency, we have our own unique process in place to help you grow your revenue and attain achievable marketing goals.

Our process gets to the heart of your business and allows us to position you as a leader in your industry, growing your revenue and generating demand for your business.


Meeting The Client

We start out by meeting you, the client, and understanding your current situation or problem. Through these meetings, we will find out what your true objectives are and what success looks like to you. This helps us to gain a clearer picture of where you are in your business and what we can do for you.


We will uncover everything there is to know about your customers, including who they are and why they buy from your brand. We perform internal research, which analyses your company’s beliefs, purpose, vision, values and personality, external research which examines your competitors, the cultural trends and how to align your brand accordingly, and consumer research which includes detailed behaviours, demographics, and interests.


A powerful strategy with brilliant tactics will beat good tactics without a strategy, every time. Our strategies look for the one insight that will truly resonate with your customers. We see it as the “golden truth” of your business, using this to build the strategy. Our strategies differ according to our clients - we may simply need to build a brand blueprint or develop an understanding of your brand. Every strategy has context according to the client, and ensure that your “why” aligns with the “why” of your consumers.


We devise a transformative roll out plan, helping you achieve your goals and guiding your prospects through their buyer journey. We focus on quality over quantity when it comes to our revenue growth strategy and use only the right tactics for your particular business. Our end-products are achievable, realistic, simple, and effective.


Inversion is a data-driven revenue growth agency, which means that we review everything we do. There are no shortcuts with our team of perfectionists! We collect the relevant data based on your strategic goals and use this to adapt wherever necessary. This review and adapt process helps you foster powerful relationships with your audience.

Our Process

Revenue Growth Strategy Process for Inversion Agency in Cape Town Revenue Growth Strategy Process for Inversion Agency in Cape Town

Grow Your Revenue And Generate Demand

Revenue growth is a key component of any demand generation strategy. Because we live in a relationship economy, connections matter, and connections are the core of any revenue growth and demand generation strategy. 

Demand generation and growing your revenue cannot be done with only the short-term in mind, which is why we take a long-term approach to both. When you consider growing your revenue as part of generating demand for your business, you will no longer be at odds with your customers or with yourself. 

With the authenticity of a customised brand message behind you, you will be able to drive real demand for your brand, products, and services.

The Impact Of A Revenue Growth Strategy

Almost 90% of consumers believe that authenticity is a deciding factor when choosing a brand to do business with.

Without this authenticity, you are losing out on a significant chunk of this audience.

But, with the help of Inversion and our human-driven approach to revenue growth, you can define your brand messaging and be more real and reach your audience on their own level.

If you own your purpose, are human, and are clear and authentic, those 90% of consumers will choose you as their preferred brand.

And brands with an authentic message and a purpose-driven strategy grow 2x faster than others, making it imperative for revenue growth and demand generation results.

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