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Inversion Is A Lead Generation Agency In Cape Town

The goal of lead generation is simple: Convert targeted audiences into quality leads.

All businesses should strive to generate demand and convert leads simultaneously.

Lead generation is part of demand generation. It involves collecting information from users that can be used to qualify and nurture them into customers, and has a narrow focus on the top of the funnel. 

Generating demand, however, achieves lower customer acquisition costs through higher conversion rates and faster closing rates.

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Our Lead Generation Overview

We generate unique and highly qualified leads from users on your website or through targeted digital advertising campaigns. Our strategy focuses on generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) NOT Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s). 

Generating low-quality MQL’s may seem like the right business growth strategy, but it has significant hidden costs. The increased activity looks great, but it can have the opposite effect to the intended outcome. 

A profitable lead generation campaign optimises the brand content, messaging, buyer journey, and sales process for the users that are interested in buying now. It improves close rates, reduces time to close, lowers acquisition costs by removing wasted advertising expenses, and enhances the overall experience of new buyers. 

This approach also obtains a clearer understanding of the exact target market, further improving the quality of leads generated from marketing over time.

Our Lead Generation Process

Discovery Phase

We uncover everything there is to know about your business, your services/products, your customers and look for clear data insights from your current and past marketing efforts.

Foundational Strategy

By fully immersing ourselves in your customers' problems and buying journey, we empathise with them and build a foundational strategy that provides solutions, highlights your brand’s positioning, unique selling point, and value proposition.

Capture Existing Demand

Your ideal customers are looking for products or services that offer solutions to their problems. They will most likely be using buying intent channels such as Google search and your brand website. We identify your gaps and optimise these channels to capture and direct attention to your brand.

Create New Demand

Not all of your customers are aware of your brand's solutions. They may not even be aware they have problems that your brand can solve. This is where we seek to create new demand for your brand through targeted advertising on channels such as social media, video on YouTube, and display advertising.


We don’t sell databases. We offer ethical lead generation tactics that comply with Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) regulations. We will not spam your databases endlessly. 

We understand sales and the role of marketing in helping sales achieve revenue goals. But, we also know that increased sales activity due to poor-quality leads does not lead to improved revenue. Our experience has taught us that sales-qualified leads result in shorter sales cycles and higher close rates, which results in lower acquisition costs. 

Our marketing philosophy is based on generating demand for our clients through customer-centred marketing on all major customer touchpoints and brand building efforts. That is the long-term difference between successful brands and those that choose short-term methods in the hopes this will transform their fortune.

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The Lead Generation Services We offer

Website Optimisation

We focus on optimising your brand’s landing pages as well as your priority services pages before embarking on performance advertising. Your vital website pages need to be designed with clear value propositions, buyer-centered information, calls-to-action, and a simplified journey to maximise your lead generation conversion rate.

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Content Marketing

We look for the exact questions your ideal prospects are asking on social media, Google search, and review websites, as well as conduct interviews with your customers, sales, and support teams to inform our content creation process. By answering these questions before reaching out to your sales teams, you can drive conversion rates and improve close rates.
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Search Engine Optimisation

We use on-page and off-page optimisation, content creation and optimisation, as well as Google My Business as part of our SEO-driven lead generation services. SEO is a vital part of capturing buyer intent and forms part of the longer-term driver of Sales Qualified Leads.

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Performance Advertising

We implement a diverse range of digital platforms to talk to, educate, and convert the attention of your ideal prospects into Sales Qualified Leads. Our strategies leverage targeted paid campaigns on paid search, paid social, and programmatic display advertising.

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Conversational Marketing

The addition of chatbots and live chat on your website and on social media allows you to offer immediate answers to prospects, ensuring a quicker qualifying process. Your prospects expect a flawless buying journey, and conversational marketing tactics allow your teams to engage with them immediately to generate interested leads immediately.


Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your offerings.

Our demand generation strategy optimises every touchpoint in the customer journey, with the goal of building a strong brand. The more well-known a brand is, the lower the cost of customer acquisition due to higher conversions and faster closing rates.

Our formulaic approach to generating demand creates a clear strategy designed to achieve your revenue growth goals.

Our Winning Formula

BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL



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