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Inversion Agency offers eCommerce Website Design and Development in Cape Town

Online shopping is at a tipping point of growth, and modern needs have hastened the adoption rate.

We buy everything from daily necessities to outlandish luxuries and everything in between, online.


Because we want to be able to buy a product without having to leave the comfort of our own home (and pajamas) – but still have an engaging experience. To meet these needs, ecommerce website design in South Africa is evolving.

You can no longer get away with a static brochure website. Buyers want more! More experiences, more interaction, more wow...and your site needs to give it to them.

But, ecommerce is not as easy as splashing out on cart functionality and waiting to instantly double in size. It takes working with an experienced team who understand the complexities that go into a successful site and how online experiences differ from in-store retail ones.

If you’ve read this far and want your ecommerce website to be designed by Inversion’s team of shopping addicts who never leave their carts abandoned, start a discussion with Ross.



Inversion Agency eCommerce Website Design company in Cape Town, South Africa
Inversion Agency eCommerce Website Design company in Cape Town, South Africa



With our experience as an e-Commerce website design agency, we can increase the number of conversions on your website by using lead generation techniques and improving the search engine rankings. We implement a variety of strategies to improve your conversion rates.

User Experience And User Interface Development

Our eCommerce website design team in Cape Town focuses on crafting an intelligent user experience design and user interface. Your website will be designed with the end user in mind, while also achieving your business goals.


Consumers today want websites that load quickly and effortlessly, so we concentrate on optimising speed. This is done by compressing images for faster page loading, creating shorter copy for mobile responsiveness, and using a simple design for optimal user experience.

Website And
Product Management

We offer customised website and product management services. These include updating all plug-ins that might be installed on your eCommerce website to avoid any issues, uploading product details if necessary, optimising these products for SEO, and updating current products.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most vital components of any website design and ecommerce marketing. And while you may not think it, it also applies to ecommerce website design. We provide extensive audits and research before we fix any on-page or technical issues. We will ensure that your website ranks for your specific keywords and products.


More and more people are using their mobile devices to make purchases, and mobile matters now more than ever for South African consumers. Your online store will be mobile-responsive and designed with mobile consumers in mind. This can also help to improve search engine results and building consumer trust.

Tracking User Data

Without the right data tracking, you cannot make smart business decisions. You will not be able to see what your customers really want from your brand - but Inversion is here to save you from hours of guesswork. We ensure that you have the right data tracking installed and that it is used to improve website performance and company offerings.


Having an ecommerce website for your business is a great base, but it should always focus on your audience. Visitors should be able to find what they need in under 30 seconds. Your value and positioning should be clear and easy to understand...which is what we are experts in improving.

Payment Gateway Selection And Implementation

We will select the right payment gateway system for your website, brand, and audience. Knowing what works best for your needs will help to make the checkout process smoother, which is what your consumers want. We will also implement this gateway and help you learn how to correctly use them for a continued streamlined experience.

Ecommerce Training
And Support

Our team will not build your site and then simply leave you by the wayside. We understand that an ecommerce website, like any website, is not static and needs to be updated regularly, and so we will train you and your team and provide technical support when you need it.

Ecommerce Marketing

Having an ecommerce website is only half of the equation. Inversion provides ecommerce marketing which includes email marketing, cart abandonment targeting, social media advertising and linking, and Google Shopping Ads. This not only improves your visibility but also generates demand for your brand.

Ecommerce And Demand Generation

You have products that will solve everyone’s problems...but nobody knows about them. This is where demand generation can be extremely effective.  Using tactics such as content marketing, advertising, email marketing, and even social media can help to generate demand for your brand and products.

Your ecommerce website is part of the demand generation ecosystem, and it forms the basis of your content and advertising strategies. These elements will all come together to create a user experience that is cohesive across all platforms, driving interest and demand for your products.


As an expert Shopify website design company, we start each of our designs with in-depth research into what prospective customers are looking for from a brand and shopping experience.


All website design agency processes start with a full and in-depth understanding of your business, its current needs, and customers. This forms the foundation of any and all website development processes thereafter. Miss this step and you’re on your way to building a beautiful, but pointless, site.

Research And Audits

The second step consists of an audit and deep-dive into the current website’s data, past conversion results, SEO performance, and content analysis. Without this data, huge mistakes can be made to search engine rankings and conversions.

Planning And Strategising

Armed with the right data and understanding of your business, we develop the site maps, wireframes, copy and design briefs, and search engine requirements. This step involves multiple members of our team who have specific skill sets, combined to create a website that will drive sales.

Mockup And Approval

As the website design process moves into the mockup phase, we combine the copy, design, UX, UI, and conversion optimisation. Your involvement in ensuring each page is crafted to meet your goals and expectations is vital in this stage. Our clients' understanding of what goes on their website is why our websites perform so well.

Website Build-Out

Once the mockups are approved, the actual build-out of the site takes place on the platform of choice. We build on WooCommerce and Shopify for our ecommerce projects. Here we combine design,copy, on-page SEO optimisation and mobile responsiveness.

Testing, Review, And Launch

Before we launch, we add relevant data tracking, product pictures and descriptions, as well as any blogs, and run tests to ensure a smooth launch. When the site goes live it is submitted to search engines to be crawled, helping to ensure quicker ranking

Continuous Improvement

A successful site never rests, it is always evolving. Inversion is continuously optimising the SEO ranking, boosting the most important pages based on accurate data,and expanding your website’s product-focused and audience-focused content. This is known as Growth Driven Design.

Our eCommerce Website Design Process

Inversion Agency eCommerce Website Design Process in Cape Town South Africa eCommerce Website Design Process at Inversion Agency in Cape Town


At Inversion, we know what generates demand, especially for ecommerce websites

After all, we have years of experience under our belts with tangible results to show for it – we have successfully run a funded ecommerce startup

We might be a team of millennials, but this gives us the advantage of knowing what today’s consumers want and how to translate this into a functioning, fantastic-looking website. 

To build an ecommerce website that not only sells but that provides a positive user experience, we combine conversion optimisation tactics, user experience and user interface design, SEO and mobile-optimisation tactics, as well as audience-centric marketing strategies. All of this can be found under one creative roof. 

We focus on developing websites that highlight the value of your brand to users, the function seamlessly and that generate demand for your business. 

Our team does not use templates or churn out websites by the dozen. We get to know our clients and build relationships with them, helping them to do the same with their own customers. 

If this sounds like the type of website you want, why aren’t you already on the phone with Ross?

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