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Inversion Agency is a Social Media Marketing Agency based in Cape Town

Let's chat Social media marketing shall we?

It’s called SOCIAL for a reason. Not a dumping ground for inspirational quotes designed on Canva, Happy Holiday posters, and more bland business updates.

Seriously, we can and must do better than that. For the sake of your customers - if you have nothing valuable for the day, don’t post it. 

There are no rules. Only what works. What we do know is that the brands that have real, two-way conversations and build real relationships with their audiences, win.  

There are real people behind the likes, shares, and comments. These people want to be a part of a movement, something more and relatable for them - and they want your brand to provide that.  

Social media marketing done right can be a runaway success, but it requires a consumer-focused strategy, high quality content and above all, consistency.

This all takes time. The best relationships do. 

It also requires a stunning group of phone-addicted, millennial marketers from Inversion to guarantee that your social media marketing efforts yield a positive ROI.

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We are a consumer-focused social media marketing agency and know that, when done right, social media can create a community of passionate fans. With the power of a thoughtful, consumer-led strategy, these fans can turn into leads and conversions.


Twitter Profile Creation
And Management


Facebook Pages & Groups
Creation And Management


Instagram Profile Creation
And Managament


LinkedIn Pages & Groups
Creation And Management


Pinterest Profile Creation
And Management


YouTube Channel Creation
And Management


Strategy And Research

Inversion’s approach to social media marketing is unique. Our content creation process is in-depth...for good reason. Our goal in the strategy and research phase is to gain a complete understanding of you, as the client, and of your audience. Why? Because good quality content takes time, especially on social media. We look for the key categories, messages, and outcomes, then use this for ideation of social media content.

Content Planning And Development

The success of any social media marketing effort lies in the regular creation, curation, and sharing of content – which is where Inversion comes in. With our research in hand, we carefully plan out the content calendar. We have multiple players involved to create content that will drive engagement, boost revenue results, and generate demand for your brand.

Content Posting And Engagement Development

Our social media marketers will post your content according to a content calendar. We do not post for posting’s sake. And we focus on quality over quantity. There is no exact science to quantity, only what works. We have a structure that allows us to be fluid. We know what makes your audience tick and will post content that is relevant and valuable to them. Unique content drives engagement and ensures that your brand stays relevant and valuable to your audience.

Community Management

For your social media marketing campaign to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to use a professional social media management agency. We monitor comments, queries (and complaints) and track engagement on posts. We also use social listening to help us discover what is being said about your business or brand, as well as your industry and competitors, in order to use this to further personalise your content.

Account Optimisation And Reporting

To reach a wider but exact audience, you need to optimise your social media marketing. As a social media management agency we continually optimise what is happening on your social media platforms, ensuring that it makes business sense, while maintaining balance by providing valuable content to your audience. We offer in-depth reporting on the progress and growth of campaigns, the performance of content types, and the engagement and business results these may have yielded.

Platform Audits And Competitor Audits

Inversion is highly data-driven, which is why we offer both competitor and platform audits. This information allows us to tweak our social media marketing services to improve your brand’s performance and stand out above your competitors. It is a continuous process that helps you brand to evolve with the times, and with your audience.

Why Choose Inversion?

Inversion is made up of “bigger picture” thinkers, which is the only way to think about social media. We cover all aspects of your social media marketing campaign as part of our demand generation ecosystem.

Our content planning process is unique and very in-depth, helping us to drive engagement and revenue results. There are multiple players in our multilevel process, but we work together seamlessly to generate relevant, valuable content for our clients.

Our Content Creation Process

Inversion Agency Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing in Cape Town South Africa Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing at Inversion Agency in Cape Town

Part Of Our Demand
Generation Process

Demand generation uses targeted marketing campaigns to drive awareness, visibility, and interest in your products or services. It examines every touch point in the customer journey...and this journey includes social media.

Inversion continuously evolves and optimises our clients’ social media strategies to maintain the demand for their brand. Social media marketing can be helpful with lead nurturing and lead generation, and social listening improves lead engagement. All of this forms part of the connectivity of demand generation tactics.



Up to 75% of consumers take action after seeing an ad on social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. And research shows that nearly 9 in 10 consumers will buy products from a brand they follow on social media. While up to 75% of current brand followers on social plan to increase spending with that brand.


Social media is an often overlooked area of B2B marketing, especially as the buyers are seeking credible, tailored and research driven content. B2B Social media can be used for in-depth audience research leveraging social listening, as an example, lead generation and lead nurturing, which are crucial for successful revenue growth.

Creating New Demand

Social media marketing forms a critical part of creating new demand for your brand. With billions using social platforms daily, your brand has an opportunity to find, educate and excite new prospects who never knew they may have needed it in the first place. Broadening the market is a better growth bet than price cutting and stealing customers from competitors.


Social media marketing provides more visibility to your content. When more people share your content, it sends more traffic to your website through natural discovery, while it also serves as a ranking signal for search engines especially when it comes to local SEO. Plus, profiles rank on search engines introducing prospects to your brands personality quicker.

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