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Inversion Agency is a Content Marketing Agency based in Cape Town

What’s the big difference between wildly successful companies and the rest?

Content. But not any old content, and certainly not content written for your boss’s boss or that sales funnel a guru sold you on. Content that is actually designed for your target audience. It’s really that simple. 

What you put out should resonate with and add value to your ideal customers.

Make it easy for those poor souls to find what they're looking for, make better and more informed decisions, and while you’re at it, educate them. 

You can also have a bit of fun. Entertainment works too! Ultimately position your brand as a go-to in your industry. The kicker that many marketeers or business leaders don’t want to hear?

Great content requires effort and time from high-level executives all the way down. 

But the rewards?

  • Increased brand awareness and authority in the marketplace.
  • Free PR if it’s that good.
  • Website traffic and follower growth.
  • Increased number of qualified prospects. 
  • Shorter sales cycles.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs.
  • New customers.

Have we caught your attention?



Website Content

A website alone is not enough to maintain and engage with your target audience. You need to offer value adding customer-centric content such as FAQs, a wiki, industry leading blog, and sales focused content, such as pricing pages or in-depth, clearly defined service or product pages.

Social Content

Your social media content should focus on creating actual connections and building relationships. Posting for posting sake does not work, if it ever did? We craft well-thought out and beautifully designed social media posts that will educate and entertain your followers.

Downloadable Content

Having custom-created content that is available to consume (and we make sure it is actually consumed) at a later stage is a great way to connect with your audience. This content can include whitepapers and e-books based on topics that our clients are experts in, and provides information that answers the questions of your audience. No sales person, these are not only for lead generation.

Email Content Development

Email marketing is still a powerful tool for digital marketing. Our team creates relevant and valuable email newsletters or updates and content to send to your audience, but we only send out content if it is worth being sent. No spam here!

Photography and Videography

As a professional content creation agency, we partner with photography and videography experts to capture the attention of your audience and educate or entertain them.

Infographics and GIFs

Infographics and GIFs are the ideal solution to simplifying information for readers, and when combined with SEO content writing or social media marketing, they can be a powerful tool for boosting your content consumption.

Presentation Decks

Our content generation team consists of expert graphic designers and copywriters who can create on-brand assets and presentations that will educate and add value to your audience, helping them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Video Scripts

We partner with established scriptwriters and work with you to tell your story in your own unique way, whether you are creating a “How To” video for a new product or an entertaining video for social media.

Trade Show Materials

The right product catalogue, presentation, or brochure can transform your trade show performance, positioning your business as top of mind for your customers by providing them with the right information at the right point of their journey with your brand.

Print Ads And Brochures

Content does not only extend to the digital world. We create on-brand and eye-catching print ads and brochures that provide educational information to guide your audience along their decision-making journey.


If you’ve scrolled this far down and not booked a call with Ross yet, then we shall reiterate:

Creative content is the difference between great companies and the rest.

Inversion thinks deeply about your business and how we can turn it into one of your industry greats.

We want to know your exact audience and deliver content experiences that they want from your brand.

Everything we create with your team has a purpose and as a creative content agency we are able to morph ourselves into any industry using our in-depth content marketing process, which is really cool to watch in action.

We know that good great creative content can be hard, but with our Cape Town team, we make this process a breeze!

Here’s how it works

Our Process

Inversion Agency Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing in Cape Town South Africa Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing at Inversion Agency in Cape Town

Our step by step process

Kick-Off Meeting

We use this meeting to learn more about our client, their business, and to cover all expectations of the project. We will have in-depth workshops, ideation sessions, and client meetings. This is only applicable where our clients come to us in need of a concept.


We dive into extensive research, using a comprehensive questionnaire that our clients fill in, as well as discovery meetings. We uncover key messages and outcomes which we use to create our own “content algorithm”.


Our content team then puts this research together  to generate informed content ideas that add value to your audience. Using the algorithm sheet, the previously noted ideas will be fleshed out and put into a primary grid to offer a high-level overview of the months ahead.

Content Calendar

The information from the primary grid, as well as our research, will be passed to the content team to refine and split into further topics. The topics will focus on converting consumers and driving demand for your brand. Once clients have signed off on the content, we will execute it.


We craft  the content according to the calendar and launch it using data and information on the best times, dates, and platforms to use. This ensures that your content reaches your audience at the right time and at their specific pain point in their customer journey.

Review and Repeat

We review and repeat our process so that every time we post content for your brand, it maximises your potential and adds value to your audience. We never set and forget our projects - we are constantly evolving and improving so that every piece of content gives people exactly what they need from your brand.


Because up to 78% of consumers believe that brands which create custom content are trustworthy, and are guided along into making purchase decisions by this thought-leading content.

Content marketing is a crucial cog in the machine of demand generation. Content that engages, enriches, and provides value to your audience generates 3 times as many leads as outbound tactics.

We’ve said what we need to say about content marketing.

Now we need to know if you’re serious about doing the right thing for your brand and for your audience.

It’s time.

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