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Search Engine Optimisation, this old chestnut.

It’s been around since the dawn of search engines and websites. Riddled with confusion, manipulation, and horror stories. Black hats, grey hats, and white hats. SERPS, backlinks, map packs, indexing, and citations.

Already lost? 

Don’t worry, most marketers and business owners are. SEO, as it is affectionately known, is a simple tactic made extremely confusing. Possibly on purpose.

The facts are this:

No one, barring the search engines themselves, actually knows how the algorithm works. If they say they do and promise #1 rankings, they are lying to you. That’s the truth.

What we do know is that search engines such as Google value informative content and great user website experiences very highly over anything else. 

We also believe there are 200+ possible factors that influence rankings. Unfortunately for us all, the Google algorithm updates an average of 9 times a day. Per day!

Is it worth the effort then? Absolutely! 

If your audience and the keywords they use in search engines are well researched and your website is fast, secure, mobile friendly, and the content on it is informative and well-written (without keyword stuffing), your business will benefit greatly from search engine optimisation services. 

Working with a marketing agency like Inversion will greatly improve your brand's ability to capture as much of the available industry related searches as possible. If it’s done right - and above board that is. 

As we do not work in an underground bunker, and actually like engaging with real people, our SEO services are designed to never get penalised and will always be aligned with your customers needs as well as Google's rules. 

If you’re ready to be found by new customers and work with the Inversion millennials who have never found information for school projects in a library, book a call with Ross



First things first when it comes to SEO. The search engines are in control.

Ranking changes can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. Rankings also change day to day and month to month. 

The only way to manage this rollercoaster process is to constantly monitor vital keywords, major pages, and the overall health of your website using the various software tools that Google and others provide and which we make use of. 

Our various search engine services consist of a mix of technical, on-page, off-page, local, national International SEO to drive meaningful traffic to our clients’ websites, help them to engage with more prospects, and improve their online presence.

Although optimisation is often not a quick-fix solution, as a long-term investment it has always out-performed paid digital advertising for all of our customers.

So make the smart bet for your business with our various services.


Local SEO

Our local strategy targets and appeals to potential customers in your geographical areas. It is hyper specific to your area and, while it is often overlooked by businesses, local SEO can help you to reach your audience quickly. It is highly effective, and can help you to rank locally, impacting your online visibility and increase foot traffic to your local brick and mortar business.

National SEO

National SEO is a long-term investment that can easily put you ahead of the competition. It focuses on ranking for broad-reaching keywords, rather than specific location terms. You can reach customers in a wider geographical location, helping to generate higher demand for your brand driving increased revenue growth.

International SEO

Our international SEO strategies optimise your website so search engines know what languages or countries your business wants to target. International SEO is vital if you are operating in multiple countries, as your audience needs to know that you cater to them and that they can easily navigate your website. This is a highly involved and resource heavy process, and one that requires adequate research before diving headfirst into.

On-Page SEO

On-page is a basic must-have for any website. If you want any chance of being found online, you need to have an on-page SEO strategy in place. It is a multifaceted service which involves content, schema, meta-tags, meta-descriptions, and using keywords that will clearly show search engines what your website is about, improving search results.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all of the activity that takes place off of your website in order to increase your rankings and build awareness. It is more than just building links from others, it is about building your trustworthiness, relevance, and authority in the eyes of search engines and website visitors alike. Off-page SEO is an area we consider once your website has the basics of local and on-page covered.

Technical SEO

In layman’s terms, technical SEO is the optimisation of your website so that it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. It includes any process that is used to improve search visibility, such as a Secure Sockets Layer (this provides the https:// website URL), mobile-friendliness, creating XML sitemaps, and the speed of your website.


As an SEO agency, Inversion is in it for the long game. Our experience has taught us that SEO is never a short-term solution but an ongoing journey. We capture existing demand and help you to be found for the right searches by the right audience.

Our on-page, off-page, and local SEO services drive meaningful traffic to your website, help you to engage with more prospects, and improve your online presence. We look at the whole picture rather than focusing on one or two tactics for optimal results.



The first phase in our SEO process is to learn more about your business and your audience. This includes an in-depth questionnaire as well as discovery meetings, so we have a clear understanding of your business and your needs. This helps us craft the ideal SEO strategy for you, and guides every step of our process.

Website SEO Audit

The next step is to perform audits of your website. An SEO audit is used to grade the website for its ability to appear in search engine results. A demand generation audit tells us if there is demand for your product, brand or service, before we jump into any strategies, and a digital health audit shows the overall health of your online presence.


With the audit data in hand, we will present our findings to you, along with our suggestions. These findings will help us to find opportunities for your brand where you can reach your audience and increase your rankings. All relevant findings will be used in our strategy, research, and execution phase.

Opportunities Research

Part of our SEO services include extensive keyword and opportunities research to find those that best suit your business and drive more valuable and relevant traffic to your website. These opportunities include blogs both on and off of your website, and even social media posts that can drive online presence.

SEO-Focused Strategies

Content is a vital component of any successful SEO strategy. We look at all aspects of the content we create, from the timing of blog topics to the images for social media posts. We combine off-page and on-page SEO for tangible results, and  also PPC and SEO - by doing this, we help you to own the traffic for your industry.

Execution And Fixes

During the execution phase, we take all of the audit data and perform on-page fixes, off-page content creation, and any technical fixes that are needed. Our execution will include copywriting, content creation, and testing of which content performs best and where. This is an ever-evolving phase, just like SEO itself.

Report And Repeat

Reporting on our findings helps us and you, the client, to see the progress the SEO strategy is making. We use tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Search Console to gather data and track the success of our work. After reporting, we repeat the process for optimal results.

Our SEO Process

Inversion Agency Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing in Cape Town South Africa Content Creation Process for Social Media Marketing at Inversion Agency in Cape Town

SEO Boosts Demand Generation

Demand generation is at the heart of Inversion Agency, and every service we provide is linked to generating demand for your brand. Our SEO services are no exception. We help you be found for the right searches by capturing existing demand and understanding search intent. 

Generating demand for your brand needs an SEO strategy that answers real questions from a real audience. By bringing visibility to your business, SEO drives interest, awareness, and demand.

What Is The Impact Of SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a must-have for any business that wants to be seen today. It is about more than just driving traffic to your website (which is important but nothing new). It is about trust, which can be earned by using data-driven tactics.

And with organic search forming up to 53.3% of all website traffic, you cannot afford to miss out. SEO drives this organic traffic, and shows Google (and Bing, and even Yahoo) that you are trustworthy and a relevant source of information.

Good SEO also helps to provide a positive use experience, which is not only good for your audience, but sends signals to search engines that your website is the best choice to show people who are searching for answers.

With the right SEO strategy in place, you can reach the right audience for your brand.

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