Influencer Campaigns That Actually Influence

INVRSN considers influencers as part of our strategic channel selection.

Influencer marketing that is tailored, authentic, captivating, and strategic for forward-thinking brands.

Influencer marketing that is tailored, authentic, captivating, and strategic for forward-thinking brands.

Influencer marketing takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and uses it in a modern, content-driven marketing campaign. It is a collaboration between brands and influencers - the modern-day counterparts to big-name celebrities.

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A Collaborative Process

A Collaborative Process

Influencer Marketing Strategy

A brand’s strategy is developed before any influencers are chosen. It looks at the content that best suits your brand and maintains your messaging, what platforms best match your audience and their behaviours, and which influencers will best resonate with your audience. This ensures true authenticity, and full flexibility for the influencers, but no compromise on the brand messaging. It includes both brand awareness as well as direct response campaigns for maximum ROI.

Influencer Identification And Selection

There is no limitation to a specific database of influencers, but each one will be identified, vetted, secured, and managed according to their relevance to the brand and to the brief. Relatability, authenticity, and engagement rate are also taken into account. All influencers are chosen to help build campaigns which tell a story, are highly authentic and engaging, while protecting the brand equity.

Mission Creation

Each influencer is provided with an individual mission. The process remains the same, but these personalised missions help to guide the authentic storytelling of the influencer and showcase the relationship they have with the brand. This helps to build an emotional connection between consumers and the brand.

Influencer And Campaign Management

Influencer marketing requires extremely different skills, involves different processes, and metrics, and is subject to very different risks than other segments of marketing.

Brand Equity Protection

The entire process considers all industry specific risk. Each step is stress tested against anything that could go wrong and all influencers are vetted against any conflict of interest. All contracts clearly address all expectations and ensure that the brand is protected at all levels. The influencer content is submitted for validation before publication to ensure that it is per brief and expectations. The campaign management and follow-up strictly adhere to all industry guidelines.

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In the influencer marketing industry, it takes that little bit extra to generate truly outstanding influence.

We go beyond simply picking a face from a book of talent. They find the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and identify and vet influencers that perfectly fit your brand. We manage everything from creative concepts to strategy, processes to campaign management and reporting.

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Influencers Work Best With
A Demand Strategy

Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your offerings.

‘Demand’ Marketing is about shifting your focus from only generating awareness to creating demand. It will help you achieve a measurable ROI and scale the conversion of your marketing budget. With it, you will be able to get better results in less time with less effort.

The end goal of demand generation strategy is the building of a strong brand. The more well-known a brand is, the lower the cost of customer acquisition due to higher conversions and faster closing rates.

Essentially our demand generation formula is to build brands that market themselves.

Our Winning Formula

BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL

How Does It Work?

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