Creative Logo Design
And Corporate Branding

Inversion Is A Creative Logo Design And Corporate Branding Agency In Cape Town

A Great Company Begins With A Great Logo.

With our creative team, we help make your vision a reality. We understand your customers so we can excite and inspire them.

We are the creative force behind your future success.

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Corporate Branding Services

Logo Design & Redesign

We develop concept designs of a logo for you to review and choose from. These are based on research into your brand and business model, as well as your competitors. Every design is unique.

Brand Messaging

We will work with you to develop a message that highlights your value proposition, what your value, vision, and mission are, and what you can offer your consumers. This messaging will permeate all aspects of our strategy for your business.

Brand Positioning

Our positioning strategy closely examines what you bring to the table that is different from your competitors. Using in-depth research we are able to determine what your customers want and expect, and match these to your brand’s capabilities.

Brand Voice

Your brand has its own voice. We help you to establish this voice and carry it through all of your marketing strategies and material. With a strong brand voice, your identity will be solidified and your audience will better be able to connect with you

Style Guide

We will develop a comprehensive style guide that covers your brand voice, messaging, design guidelines, social media requirements, and more. This style guide can be used to instruct your staff on the exact language and imagery to use in communications with clients and internally.

Social Media Branding

We have an in-depth understanding of what works best on each social media platform, and will ensure that all content created, curated, and shared for your social meets these needs and upholds your brand identity.

Demand Generation

Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your offerings. 

‘Demand’ Marketing is about shifting your focus from only generating awareness to creating demand. It will help you achieve a measurable ROI and scale the conversion of your marketing budget. With it, you can get better results in less time with less effort.

The end goal of our demand generation strategy is the building of a strong brand. The more well-known a brand is, the lower the cost of customer acquisition due to higher conversions and faster closing rates. 

Essentially our demand generation formula is to build brands that market themselves. And the start of that process is a strong foundation of corporate identification

Our Winning Formula

BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL


Why Inversion?

In a world where the Internet is awash with brands and products, consumers have a difficult job making decisions. So how do they choose you instead?

The answer is simple: you need to stand out. You need to be different. 

Our creative and demand marketing strategies inspire customers to believe in your brand so that they choose to work with you instead of your competitors.

Discover how to do just that by learning about our demand marketing approach. Let us show you why business results are within easy reach if you choose to work with us.

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Our Unique Design Process

Getting To Know The Client

We start our design and branding journey by finding the vision, mission, messaging, value proposition of the brand by asking pointed questions. These questions include how you want to present yourself to your audience, what visually inspires you in your industry, and who your target audience is


We will generate ideas that reflect your values, your beliefs, and that are appropriate for your brand. Our design team will brainstorm about what type of logo, colours, typography, and imagery will best suit your business.

Visual Communication

After brainstorming, we will send our ideas to the client to look over and choose from. This is where you and our designers will collaborate in order to reach a logo or brand that best reflects who you are as a business.

Execution And Approval

During the execution phase we will create your logo, keeping in mind your goals, vision, and mission, and implement the branding on your chosen platforms. You will have a logo and branding that showcases the heart of your brand rather than just following a trend.


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