Employee Advocacy

Inversion Is A Employee Advocacy Agency In Cape Town

Your employees are an opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level.

Our employee advocacy strategy is an opportunity to have an authentic conversation with your audience with the people that may already be your biggest brand advocates.

Your employees offer an effective and efficient new method of generating demand for your brand.

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Our Advocacy Services

Strategy for Social Selling, Talent Acquisition, Amplification

We strive to understand your employees, their skills, departments, and goals. We build strategies for social selling, deciding which employees best suit the role of employee advocate, and generate a plan for how to amplify this.

Content Curation and Creation

We collaborate with your employees to develop content that is relevant and valuable, and educate your employees on what type of content represents your brand’s messaging. We also create custom content for you and your employees to share.

Campaign Setup

Using a highly efficient platform, we are able to set up your campaign within minutes. We use the emails of employees on your distribution list to create custom campaigns  with content that not only resonates with your audience, but that excites your employees.


We provide reports so that you can see immediately which campaigns are performing and receiving  the most clicks and visitors. We will also monitor who on your distribution list is engaging the most and receiving the most views. This visible leaderboard encourages your employees to maximise results and engagement.

Custom Training And Content Sharing

We guide the content creation and curation process for distribution, and train employees in the various software tools being used for the campaign. The platform allows your employees to find all the content they need to share in one location, enabling them to easily share it to their social media platforms.


When your employees endorse you, customers are more likely to turn to your brand over others.

Consumers value the recommendations of friends and family above other forms of advertising, and your employees are these trusted friends and family. Harnessing this power builds trust in your brand and helps to generate demand - without pushing a hard sell.

And with Inversion’s experience in this niche industry, your employees can become one of your most powerful marketing assets. We ensure that your employee advocacy strategy is authentic and generates demand for your brand.

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Our Employee Advocacy Process

Software Setup

We manage the employee advocacy strategy through our platform. By using one easy-to-understand platform, we can manage all employees and track campaigns for optimal results.


Once we have set up the platform, we will onboard your staff. Our team ensures that your employee advocacy strategy is easy-to-understand and that your employees can easily work without too much management on your part.


We train your employees in how to post effectively on the various social media platforms, how to utilise the software, and in what content they should be posting. This ensures that all content is the same across all platforms.


We will develop a brand messaging strategy that utilises your employees’ strengths, roles, and goals. The strategy will look at which employees are best for the role of advocate, which have the best social interaction, and how we can achieve campaign goals using this information.

Custom Training And Content Sharing

Our team will create or co-create content with your team that is best suited to your brand, industry, and employees. We will collaborate with you to ensure your messaging is carried through on all platforms, with content that is created for your brand or curated based on particular specifications.


Accurate, up-to-date reporting helps us and you to see which campaigns are performing well, which employees are receiving high levels of engagement, and what content has the best engagement levels.


Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your products.

Our demand generation strategy optimises every touchpoint in the customer journey, with the goal of building a strong brand. The more well-known a brand is, the lower the cost of customer acquisition due to higher conversions and faster closing rates.

Our formulaic approach to generating demand creates a clear strategy designed to achieve your revenue growth goals.

Our Winning Formula

BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL


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