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Why Landing Pages?

General practice for many South African businesses is to send their Facebook or Google Adverts traffic directly to their website. There is nothing wrong with this practice per se, unless of course you want to take your conversion rates from an average of 3% to an average of 22%*. 

So what are landing pages then? These pages are specifically designed for the purpose of maximising your conversion rates for sign-ups, downloads or sales. Often landing pages are built using custom software that has the tools necessary to ensure an ever improving rate of conversions. 

*Based on the software data we use for landing pages.

Landing Page Design

Maximise Conversions with Optimisation

Digital Marketing is only as powerful as the testing and optimisation that goes into it. This is why using specific landing page software gives your business the edge when advertising online.

Sending your advertising traffic to your main website, whether it's a WordPress site or custom built, you will need a high level of technical skills or in-house development on hand to be able to even try match the optimisation features pre-built into our software.

Landing Page Design

Understand Visitor Behaviour

Acquire the ultra-specific insights you need to find which page elements to test.

Landing Page Design

Speak to Your Audience

Address your audience with personalised messaging based on location, intent, and more.

Landing Page Design

Validate What Works Best

Intelligently run A/B and multivariate tests to learn what works best.
Landing Page Design

Discover the best version of your page through A/B Testing

If you don't test, how will you know? Don't settle on one version of a page and hope for the best. A/B split test your traffic equally and see which version drives more conversions.


Increase Conversions

Lower Bounce Rates

Lower Lead Acquisition Cost

Remove the guesswork by tracking visitor behaviour

Trying to figure out why your visitors aren't converting? Simple track their mouse movement, clicks, and scrolling depth to achieve a high level of understanding on what is and what isn't working.

Benefits of tracking

Find the aspects that grab the most attention

Rearrange assets according to interest

Fix potential unknown issues for drop-off

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design

Personalise for more conversions. Dynamically change the wording.

Dynamically change your landing page messaging based on keywords, search intent, and demographics. Change wording automatically by city, country, device and more, to reduce bounce rates.

Highlights of Dynamic Text

Personalisation increases ROI

Improve relevancy of search to page

Improve conversions & lower CPA

Built-in Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your landing pages with all the tools in your current marketing stack, including Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, Hubspot and more.
Landing Page Design

Achieve More With Lead Magnets

Having great landing page software and beautifully designed pages will still not turn your lead generation efforts around if you do not offer the right lead magnets.

The right lead magnet attracts the right customers who are really interested in working with your business. Without a great magnet you are relying on your visitors to get in touch with your business simply because they clicked on your ad. No, you need to offer more value before you even try to close the deal. 

Landing Page Design
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