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You have 10 seconds to sell...

It has been shown that visitors make up their mind about your company in under 10 seconds simply by visiting your website. Considering there are over 1 million websites alone in South Africa, your website is fighting for not only attention, it is fighting for relevance.

It is no longer okay to just have a web presence, it needs to be crafted to speak to your target audience, deal with Google's ever changing algorithms, be mobile friendly, extremely fast and it must capture your prospect's interest in a variety of ways before they decide to leave and never return.

A tall order for sure.

"Simply having a website is not a marketing strategy. Building and optimising the right website for your target market and revenue goals is."

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How we build a Successful Website

At Inversion we fully understand the way a website should work for today's audience.

Your brand needs to consider a multitude of priorities before launching a new website or re-building an existing one.

Below are four of our top priorities when building your new website.

1. Conversion Friendly

We build websites that are focused on converting visitors contact details. Without these contact details your website visitors remain anonymous rendering you unable to identify who they are, and what they are interested in. It is no longer good enough to only have a contact form hidden on a contact us page. You need to be Inbound Friendly.

2. Customer Focused

We build websites based on the Growth Driven Design (GDD) principles - the new way of building and maintaining websites. The GDD way seeks to keep your website up to date according to how your visitors are interacting with your website. You cannot leave your site untouched for 2 years and expect to grow.

3. User Experience (UX)

Websites should be designed with the customer in mind. How they browse the site, what actions they are expected to take, what information they need and what the business objectives are should underline the design and GDD process.

4. Value Centred

The way your customers make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically over the past few years. You can no longer be content with a static brochure website. You need to help your visitors make informed purchasing decisions.