Social Media Advertising

Inversion Agency Offers Paid Social Media Strategy & Management in Cape Town

Paid social is as versatile as your business objectives.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to paid social.

Instead, understanding the business objective, platform possibilities and making use of an integrated approach, is critical for success.

Our ability to select the correct ad unit for your goals, combined with creative strategy and continuous performance improvements generates demand for your brand.

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Social Platforms We Leverage

Facebook Advertising

Leverage your existing website traffic, customer database, and the powerful Facebook audience creation capabilities.

Instagram Advertising

From posts to stories, create highly targeted and creative Instagram adverts to the exact audience your brand wants to be in front of.

Twitter Advertising

Start a conversation using Twitter advertising to engage with a wider audience.

LinkedIn Advertising

Best for B2B, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for reaching new decision-makers

Pinterest Advertising

Reach people who use Pinterest every month for inspiration to discovery and buy your products.

YouTube Advertising

Reach and connect with potential customers at scale leveraging the power of Google data.

Tik Tok Advertising

Tap into the unique platform that drives more engagement than any other.

Snapchat Advertising

Become part of a Snapchatters daily conversation with full-screen, digital ads that inspire action.

Generate Demand with Paid Social

Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified sales leads or consumers wanting to buy your products.

Demand generation optimises every touchpoint in the customer journey...and this journey includes social media advertising as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

An optimised demand strategy focuses on improving qualified sales prospects which result in lower customer acquisition costs through cheaper advert clicks, higher conversion and faster close rates.


BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL

How Does It Work?

Why Choose Inversion?

Both Inversion and our partners are experts in the various proprietary ad platforms the social networks have built.

We know that paid social offers a large range of options for all types of objectives. Our expertise is crucial in helping pinpoint the right platform or adopting an integrated approach combined with leading creative strategy.

No paid social campaign can be run without defining the right success metrics and dedication for continued performance improvements.

This all takes true skill and expertise. And that's where we come in.

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Our Paid Social Services

Platform Matching

We suggest a platform, ad unit or an integrated approach based on audience and objective.

Account Audits

We examine current and past campaigns looking for actionable insights and advice.

Data Tracking Installation

We rely heavily on data tracking and analytics. We install all relevant social platform codes on websites and apps.

Creative Strategy and Campaign Planning

We develop an audience-first creative strategy based on research and objectives to create campaigns that resonate.

Audience Creation And Segmentation

Audience creation is crucial. Segmenting your audiences allows for further personalisation, leading to improved return.

Creative Concept and Production

We develop creative concepts and produce attention-grabbing visuals for static display through to video.

Campaign Setup
And Launch

We set up your advert campaign based on your objectives and launch the ads according to the detailed strategy we have put together for your brand.

Campaign Optimisation

We continuously optimise campaigns using a variety of tactics such as A/B testing visuals and audience segments. Reporting is on a weekly or monthly basis.

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