The Strategic Impact of Great Marketing on Sales Success: A Guide for C-Suite Executives

Ross Munro Williams Marketing, Opinion, Sales

Great marketing is more valuable than most C-suite execs or founders often realise. And they’ll see the impact—or lack thereof—on their sales teams’ performance at the point of negotiation. Ask them: when speaking to new prospects, how strong do they feel their position is when starting the negotiation process? Are they starting from a point of absolute strength with a …

Marketing is misunderstood

Marketing. Misunderstood, mismanaged and misinformed

Ross Munro Williams Marketing, Opinion

I started this year with a statement that I couldn’t shake.  “Marketing is the most misunderstood aspect of business management.”  After so many years of leading strategic guidance for clients, I realised that this misunderstanding isn’t because of the services, the know-how, the prior work, the proof, the talent or the team. The fact is, marketing is completely and comprehensively …