The Strategic Impact of Great Marketing on Sales Success: A Guide for C-Suite Executives

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Great marketing is more valuable than most C-suite execs or founders often realise. And they’ll see the impact—or lack thereof—on their sales teams’ performance at the point of negotiation. Ask them: when speaking to new prospects, how strong do they feel their position is when starting the negotiation process? Are they starting from a point of absolute strength with a …

Marketing is misunderstood

Marketing. Misunderstood, mismanaged and misinformed

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I started this year with a statement that I couldn’t shake.  “Marketing is the most misunderstood aspect of business management.”  After so many years of leading strategic guidance for clients, I realised that this misunderstanding isn’t because of the services, the know-how, the prior work, the proof, the talent or the team. The fact is, marketing is completely and comprehensively …

What is inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound Marketing attracts new visitors to your website instead of you wasting your time and money relying on other interruptive, and traditional, methods of promoting your business. Your Buyers attention has shifted online The age of the Internet, digital reliance and the new buyer behaviour, has triggered the evolution of marketing tactics. Studies have shown that 61% of the population who …

Local Business Marketing

Marketing for Local Businesses in South Africa

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Creating a digital marketing strategy for your local business is different than creating one for an online-only business. Your marketing strategy should target and appeal to potential customers in your geographic area. Own your brand on search! The first step in controlling your appearance to your local customers is to ensure your website is indexed on Google (Tell Google your …

Facebook Advertising South Africa

Facebook Advertising For South African Business

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With more than 1.4 Billion worldwide users and 17 Million South Africans estimated to be on the social media platform, Facebook provides an incredible opportunity to capture the exact audience you want for your South African business using Facebook Advertising. Facebook advertising varies distinctly from paid search advertising (Google PPC), in which a user seeks a clear intent from their …

3 Steps to Run an Effective Facebook Business Page

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If you’re a business you will most likely have a Facebook Business Page. Having a Page can be an extremely powerful way of connecting with your current customers and help you find new customers through your posts, videos or adverts, however in order to reap the potential benefits you need to run an effective Facebook Business Page. In our previous blog we …

Business rebrand

3 Quick Tips To Help You Rebrand Your Business

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There’s something about a rebrand that just seems so refreshing – change always seems to wash away the old in an instant making you feel better – and different. New is always better right? The quick answer is no, new is not always better when it comes to rebranding your business. There are countless examples of rebranding failures out there …