Programmatic Advertising

Inversion Is A Programmatic Advertising Agency In Cape Town

The digital ecosystem has become more complex and customers expect more from brands.

Finding new ways to connect with customers and form relationships with them is best done by leveraging the entire display ecosystem, from programmatic display to native ads and video.

Our sophisticated targeting methods engage your customers with positive experiences that ultimately generate demand for your brand.

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What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising involves real-time, automated bidding on display advertising for the chance to show your ad to a specific customer in a specific context.

It relies on an algorithm which determines where your ad money is best spent. The system launches your campaign, monitors your ad spend, and looks for ways to improve the campaign.

This real-time measurement and optimisation allows us to adjust and optimise ads immediately to improve results, generate real demand, and have one-to-one conversations with consumers.

our approach

To drive results and maintain the relevance of ads, we maintain a customer-first approach during both our planning and execution phase to create personalised, relevant messaging to drive results and demand.

Our team makes use of specialised targeting methods, unique buying techniques, and a granular structure which leads to efficient campaigns. 

To prevent media waste, we monitor the reach and frequency of all campaigns, and reach out to our partners for stronger ad verification and brand safety.

This approach allows for specific measurements, down to creative and even audience levels, leading to improved demand generation and conversion rates.


Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your products.

Generating demand requires the optimisation of every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey, including a brand’s own website, social media platforms, and all advertising efforts.

However, to truly achieve this end goal, your marketing strategy must be aligned towards creating a powerful brand. The more known a brand is, the lower the customer acquisition cost is due to higher conversions and faster closing rates.


Our team dives deep to understand your audience, data, and strategies by following our unique demand generation formula. 

We provide leading programmatic advertising based on what your audience wants and needs, and can adapt our methods according to your business goals. 

Inversion’s approach focuses on improving the customer experience through content, and when this is applied to advertising, the results can be explosive.

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Our Winning Formula

BP + (CX + C) x CS = D


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