Commerce Advertising

Inversion Is A Commerce Advertising Agency In Cape Town

Delivering an omni-channel, seamless customer experience is vital to commerce success.

Our approach orchestrates audiences across brand sites, social channels, marketplaces, and retail stores that drives immediate commerce results at scale. 

Putting your customers’ behaviours at the centre of our advertising strategy is a crucial element in generating consistent demand for your store.

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Our OmniChannel Approach

Search ads offer you the most visibility possible, and can be targeted based on keywords, demographics, and your business goals. They include shopping ads, which are shown to people who are searching for similar or related product offerings and drive traffic to specific pages.

Social platforms provide ad formats including display image-based ads, video ads, lead ads, slideshow ads, dynamic product ads, and more. Social media ads meet your audience where they spend most of their time, putting your product front-and-centre.

Programmatic Ads

Display ads will appear where your customers are. They are shown across a network of over two million websites and apps, including video. Video is fast becoming the future for digital advertising, and video ads excite and engage your audience like no other platform.

Platform Commerce

We optimise your ads for visibility and for optimal sales results on ecommerce platforms such as Takealot, Jumia and PickNPay, with a focus on ranking, native advertising, and content optimisation.


Demand is the ultimate goal of having a predictable pipeline of highly qualified consumers wanting to buy your products.

Generating demand requires the optimisation of every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey, including a brand’s own website, social media platforms, and all advertising efforts.

However, to truly achieve this end goal, your marketing strategy must be aligned towards creating a powerful brand. The more known a brand is, the lower the customer acquisition cost is due to higher conversions and faster closing rates.


By following our demand generation formula, as well as incorporating the most up-to-date technologies to create sales infrastructures that combine data and insights, we meet (and exceed) the expectations of our clients. 

We have relationships with key partners, enabling us to gather useful insights into categories, competitors, and trends. We use this to create marketing and commerce advertising strategies that drive immediate returns at scale.

Think of us as an extension of your team, with the knowledge and expertise you need to achieve your commerce sales goals.

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Our Winning Formula

BX + (CX + CN) x NE = CL

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